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A Rainy Day With Big Smiles - Dan and Eve's Wedding

If the British weather is one thing, it is changeable. One week on from the snow and drifts I had the pleasure of photographing Dan and Eve big day. The Beast from the East had turned away and instead we had a south west flow which at this time of year unusually means rain and boy did it rain.

Dan and Eve did not let this get they spirits down and as planned we changed as few things around  and captured the laughter and cheer for them to remember.

So what do you do if it rains. Make a thing of it, don't try and hide it. Be prepared and embrace it.

I always have a pre-wedding venue visit with the couple to discuss the day, including locations and timings. These may need to changed depending on the weather, be it rain or strong winds. So little ideas are noted just in case it's not the bright sunny day we all hope for.

With a little planning before hand we can if needed make a few swift changes without any stress and the joy of the day can be captured for all to remember. Some of my most memorable wedding and cracking shots have been in the rain.

Congratulation to Dan and Eve, a beautiful couple. The following picture are just a few of Dan and Eve wedding with family and friends enjoying the evening at the Old Mill in Harnham, Salisbury, Wiltshire.

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